Good Reads – “Women and God”

Good Books this Week

I am always on the lookout for a good book. I enjoy a variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and there are so many to choose from that I want to review one or two a week  to help you find some you will enjoy reading.  So here’s what I’m reading this week.

Women and God: Hard Questions, Beautiful Truth by Kathleen Nielson

Is God sexist? Did Paul hate women? Why should I have to submit to my husband? What about how the female body functions? So many questions like this have been asked about women, God and the Bible. This book does an excellent job of giving Biblical perspective to the issues and questions we deal with in our culture. Bringing up the roles of women in the church and in society is sure to create some heated discussion. This book offers Biblical encouragement to see God’s love for women and His grace in creating the roles we are given

This book is quite enjoyable to read because it feels very warm and speaks woman to woman. The author does a helpful job of opening the Bible to answer some of the most challenging questions that women have, or find themselves trying to answer for friends who may not be confident in the love of God and the Word of God. If you have a lot of “what about” questions about women in the Bible, Nielson has not hesitated to address the worst of them. If you have doubts about the gracious love of God for women, this book is for you.

Nielson is complementarian in her views of the roles of men and women, which I agree with. If you want to read more about this position, this link offers a good explanation.

So get a cup of tea, and some chocolate – because after all good books and chocolate go together! – and enjoy.



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