A Simple Life


A Simple Life

I’ve spent the last couple of years working on decluttering, paring down and buying less. Money and possessions have shown themselves to be a huge distraction from what is really important in life.  Don’t get me wrong – we all need money to live and I like to be comfortable. But so much of what I spent my money on really did not satisfy the hunger inside for meaning and purpose. So, I began reading about minimalism, simplicity, and decluttering.

A couple of months ago, I was staring at my desk wondering where the top had disappeared to. How could there be so much stuff piled up on it? Of course, I needed to find a particular piece of paper and it took me about an hour to locate where it was buried in all that paper.  It was frustrating that I had let the piles grow like that, and what a waste of time!. 

In simplifying my life, I am working on creating organizing systems that work for me and are easy to use.  Obviously, the desk was a fail. Hmmm. And my desk usually was that way so it needed to be fixed.  I found this site that has a simple test to help you discover your organizing personality.  It’s really kind of fun and very helpful.


Ladybug turned out to be my organizing personality. I strongly dislike visual clutter but don’t open my drawers or closets because they are messy! How my desk ended up looking like a junk drawer is beyond me. It took some time but I was able to get some 3 ring binders with dividers, jars for my extensive colored pen Bible marking collection, and organizers for my bookshelves. These let me throw stuff into them but since they are labeled, I don’t tend to lose important papers.  This system is easy for me to use, and my desk has been cleared off every since.

So, find an organizing system you will use, choose one area that is stressing you out, and implement. Your life will become simpler when you do. Starting with one area will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do still. Next time, we’ll talk about my closet – scary.


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