The Journey to Contentment


The Journey to Contentment

Last night we were sitting out on the garden deck, surveying all our hard work getting the plants and seeds in the ground. The birds were singing. Bees were working around the plants. It was lovely.

Sometimes, contentment takes me by surprise. I’m usually thinking about the weeds that need to be pulled, the grass that needs to be cut, the bushes that need to be pruned. But not last night.  I sat with my husband and just enjoyed the garden.

Contentment is hard in these days of nonstop pressure to buy more, get more, be more. And getting more means working more because all that stuff comes with a price tag. 

A few months ago, I was in the airport in Detroit carrying my 4-5 year old android phone and my Ipad.  My phone had been getting slower and the battery was draining down fast every day. I was sure I needed to replace it with a shiny new model. Of course, those come with a price tag well over $500.00 these days. Since cutting back on hours at work, and focusing on being content with less, I was struggling with not really wanting to spend the money.

All of a sudden, my phone beeped out an alarm declaring that it was resetting itself to factory defaults. That was worrisome! What if I lost all my contacts? And apps? And games? Well, that’s pretty much what happened. Apparently, it was infected with some kind of virus and it caused the reset.

When it finally came back on, I had a few of my contacts and a few basic apps. My photos were all backed up so those were there. But strangely enough, it also was working at top speed again. And the battery wasn’t draining itself down every few hours. It was like I had a brand new phone.

I made the conscious decision to stop using my phone like the mini-computer that it is, and use it primarily for communication again. I didn’t download very many of my old apps because I want it to stay fast and not drain the battery constantly. After all, I have an Ipad for those things. And a laptop.

How long the little phone will continue to work well is anybody’s guess, but I am content to keep it as long as I can. I think I’ll put that money toward a trip to Israel instead.

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